Eye of the Storm
Episode No. Season
7 1
Broadcast Date March 8, 2012
Writer Aaron Ginsburg & Wade McIntyre
Director Alex Chapple
Chronological Information
Previous Story Little Green Men
Next Story Life After Death


A severe hurricane strikes Southern Florida, but torrential weather will not stop Walter from searching for a female high school student who went missing during the storm. While Walter is stranded on Looking Glass Key at the Ends of the Earth Bar, Isabel visits the missing girl's high school and uncovers clues that link her disappearance to foul play and a more serious and life threatening crime. Meanwhile, Willa's probation officer is stormed in with Walter, Leo and Willa, and puts her differences with Willa aside to help the team solve the case of the missing girl.


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  • Karyn Welling - Lisa Waltz
  • Melissa Welling - Juliette Goglia
  • Pete Steck - M.C. Gainey
  • Claire - Laura Slade Wiggins
  • Renae Francis - Jamila Allen-Carter
  • Reporter - Judy Echavez

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