The Great Escape
Episode No. Season
5 1
Broadcast Date February 9, 2012
Writer Emilia Serrano
Director Seith Mann
Chronological Information
Previous Story Swing and a Miss
Next Story Little Green Men


Although Walter despises 'magic' shows, he accepts to track down illusionist Preston Miller's assistant Angelica Angel, who disappeared during the 'phoenix' escape act after the box accidentally burnt to cinders. Walter soon finds she staged it to steal, well switch with counterfeit bills, a fortune from the club's safe. Making clever use of clumsy FBI Agent Judy Green, Walter starts the chase for Angelica and at least one accomplice, soon found murdered as is found to be her sinister MO. Meanwhile it becomes clear that Timo isn't Willa's cousin but her unwilling arranged fiancé, who needs a fortune to buy his way out from their gypsy patriarch, so Willa tries to steal it from Walter.


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  • Preston Miller - Jonathan Slavin
  • Derek Towers - Joshua Leonard
  • Agent Judy Green - Ever Carradine
  • Angelica Angel - Molly Morgan
  • Teacher - Cloie Wyatt Taylor

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